Latino(a): Usage in the United States: The term “Latino” refers loosely to any person having Latin American background and is often taken to be a synonym with “Hispanic“. However, while official use of the term Hispanic has its origins in the Census Bureau in the 1970s, activists within communities of Latin origin have often preferred the term Latino or because it is thought to be more inclusive of the broad range of peoples in Latin America. However, those of Spanish descent even when born in Latin America may prefer the term Hispanic. It is typically contrasted with European American and African American. The term “Latino” is often incorrectly given racial connotations. (source: wiki)

Carolina Mayorga received a BFA in Art and Textiles in Bogotá and a MFA in sculpture from the University of Kansas. Has had one-person exhibitions in Colombia, Mexico, at the University of Kansas and in Washington D.C. Has also participated in group exhibitions in Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Sweden and several cities of The United States including Washington, D.C., New York, Loveland, CO, Hickory, NC, and Baltimore, MD, among others.

Mayorga has received several awards in Colombia and the United States. Her work is represented in private and public collections including the Art Museum of the Americas and the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington D.C., Andres Institute of Art, NH and Kronan Sculpture Park, Lulea, Sweden.

Has also participated in the Fifth Annual Sculpture Symposium of the Andres Art Institute in Brookline, NH, the Lulea Winter Biennial in Lulea, Sweden and the 4th International Sculpture Symposium in Lulea Sweden.

Her work has been reviewed in various publications in Colombia, Sweden, Spain and the United States including articles in the Washington Post, The Washington City Paper, The Baltimore City Paper, The Winston-Salem Journal, The Telegraph and The Union Leader from New Hampshire and NSD and Kuriren from Lulea, Sweden among others.

The artist lives in Washington, DC.